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Making It Work with a Small Staff

Making It Work with a Small Staff

When: Friday, 3:30 pm
Where: Salon H-K

How can you keep the lights on and the posts coming when you have a staff of 10 or fewer? Join us as we discuss the workflow hacks and editorial ju-jitsu necessary for a first-rate news site. We’ll show you how to cover your community with just one person and make money while covering the folks you’re selling to.

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Aaand it’s already gone. #journalistslikebeer MT @JulieWestfall: Y’all, @seanblanda, @dannyaway are giving out beer in their #ONA11 session.
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Session notes with take-aways and resources at bit.ly/small_staff

“We all are part of the sales team and we’re all appropriate about it,” @dannyaway re: @siliconprairie#smallstaff#ONA11
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“There’s been times in our office where we’ve looked at each other and said, guys, who’s doing content this week? That’s where the first hire came outside the core team.”

- Danny Schreiber on how easily critical duties other than creating content can overwhelm a small staff

What they’re talking about in #smallstaff is, essentially, covering beats. HIRE JOURNALISTS and pay them more than $35. #ONA11
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When hiring freelancers do you care more about enthusiasm for your content or how well they write? Should be enthusiasm #smallstaff#ONA11
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“What we test with [clients] we can take back and use for Technically Philly.”

- Sean Blanda on one benefit of his consulting business

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