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Live Events: Building the Second Screen

Live Events: Building the Second Screen

When: Saturday, 10:15 am
Where: Salon E

Sports, the Oscars and elections — just a few examples of major real-time events that have moved beyond the laptop. We’ll show you how to craft a live and compelling second-screen experience to draw users to your site simultaneously. Learn the right mix of content, video, social and other tools, as well as how to build and execute the code behind these beasts.

Session Updates (8)

Insights into ESPN numbers as part of #ONA11 #2ndscreen fascinating. Ex: 85M simultaneously use TV and web daily to follow sports.
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"During the X Games, an action sports event ESPN puts on a couple times a year, we literally encouraged fans to send in tweets act x games, but instead of typical tv extension we're gonna pick select tweets and scroll them along bottom,we did what we called #humantwitter. Fans would send in their tweets, we'd pick certain number of them, and people in the crowd, we had 160 boards, essentially, they'd have their tweets, we'd run them on boards with fans and display them during events…. It was a very popular extension of social media." -- Patrick Stiegman, ESPN

NYT had 18 staffers working on their live Oscar coverage, incl. 2 solely on Facebook/Twitter chat #ona11
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Three ways you know an event is the right event to invest in an interactive “second screen” experience: It’s 1) a newsworthy spectacle that has a 2) focused audience with a 3) desire to participate, say Hammon and Evans of the New York Times.

See a live “second screen” for this session at bit.ly/onascreen2

Heh. the @nytimes guys just rick roll’d the audience at the #screen2 presentation. Love it. Great session and great stuff. #ona11
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This gets forgotten A LOT: Seed interest and engagement in ADVANCE., says NYT’s @tysone#screen2 #ona11
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How ESPN and The New York Times Build A Second Screen For Readers http://t.co/9EGlKFj0#ona11 #screen2
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