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Cooking Up Tasty Apps

Cooking Up Tasty Apps

When: Friday, 3:30 pm
Where: Salon E

You don’t have to wait for your news organization to hire the next Steve Jobs to start your news apps team. With a few people, a framework and the cloud, you can start building award-winning, traffic-generating apps … now.

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We need to convince folks that things are changing and there are new skills to be learning.

- Shazna Nessa, AP

How can you take the best of the past and bring that into the future?

- Shazna Nessa


To create change, there needs to a be a sense of unhappiness.

—Shazna Nessa

Don’t be a tool. Use them.

— Jeremy Bowers

Jeremy Bowers adds entertainment:




“Brace yourself. I’m going to make Internet. Now.”



Program, or be programmed.

— Shazna Nessa

All of you out here can make Internet, you just have to want it.

- Jeremy Bowers

How To Find And Create An Awesome Web Apps Team And Be A Rockstar Data Developer. Coverage at 10,000 Words by Lauren Rabaino.

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