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B.S. Detection for Digital Journalists

B.S. Detection for Digital Journalists

When: Friday, 2:15 pm
Where: Salon E

Accuracy is fundamental to what we do, but it’s a challenge to verify information when it flows at digital warp speed from so many sources. Get specific tools, advice and strategies to master the art of online verification. Learn how to verify a tweet, evaluate if a website is credible and check the accuracy of your own work.

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B.S. Detection for Digital Journalists

#ONA11 #bsdetection

Today @ #ONA11 @mjenkins and I lead a session about online verification and BS detection. Our slides: http://t.co/KLqygBko#bsona
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Mandy Jenkins and Craig Silverman

Mandy Jenkins and Craig Silverman

How long a Twitter account has been active can be one clue to account credibility. Check it out at How long have they been tweeting? 

Use these browser extensions to learn more about people on the web:

  • HoverMe for Chrome
    View the social web profile for a Twitter account by mousing over a profile picture. See links to the person’s other profiles on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Delicious.
  • Identify for Firefox
    Combines identities across various social network sites and provides you with a profile about an individual.

RT @anjalimullany: Amen: @mjenkins on actually calling sources from Twitter and speaking to them directly.
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.@mjenkins: “Is it worth the risk if your tip is wrong?” #bsona#ona11
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This website isn’t foolproof said Craig Silverman, but you should check ErrorLevelAnalysis for edits to photos.

One way to verify that the event happened and that this person took the image: Ask to see all the photos or videos taken before and after. – Craig Silverman

Anthony De Rosa gets a T-shirt for mentioning that Storyful does verification of social media elements.

Use TinEye [@tineye] for reverse image searches.

.@mjenkins is spot-on about corroborating info. Remember incorrect Steve Jobs death tweet from @whatstrending? Nobody else had it. #bsona
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Mandy Jenkins and Craig Silverman

Mandy Jenkins and Craig Silverman

“The best verification tool a journalist has is still the telephone,” says @CraigSilverman#ona11 #bsona
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Yes. We should. RT “@DorisTruong: Q: Should we start a news-fraud registry as a public service? #bsdetection#ona11”
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“When you put that correction out there, one isn’t enough,” said Craig Silverman. “The correction should go as viral as the original tweet.”

Maybe the most important set of slides you’ll read at #ona11. Here’s what you missed at #bsona: http://t.co/GVTcq3Uh
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