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10 Techier, Trendier Tech Trends

10 Techier, Trendier Tech Trends

When: Friday, 3:30 pm
Where: Salon A-D

Learn the 10 trends that are going to make a big impact in the coming year, from mobile apps to immersive technology. Find out why they matter and watch practical-use cases. Don’t be surprised if you’re chosen to help demo! And look for lots of handouts and prizes.

Session Updates (25)

10 Techier, Trendier Tech Trends with Amy Webb (@webbmedia) of Webbmedia Group is about to start!

Twylah – a custom brand page for your tweets http://t.co/NzIKeT4K via @webbmedia#ona11 #techtrends
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“It’s a way of sort of defragging your brain.”

- Amy Webb, talking about Greplin

“You have to start refining your searches. Too many reporters are relying on Google.”

- Amy Webb, saying you have to use the right search engine for each job

Nav bar in Twylah is dynamic — self-changing around the topics you most Tweet about. #techtrends#ona11
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“Do something that’s relevant for users. It’s terrible on most websites so it doesn’t get used.”

– Amy Webb, saying managers and developers should customize search tools on their sites

@webbmedia must be on at least 200 social networking services. #techtrends#ona11
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Oh my. Red envelopes with chocolate hidden under the seats. It’s like we’re on Oprah! #ONA11 #techtrends
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Audience members find hidden envelopes of chocolate under their seats.

Sonar.me is an iPhone app that helps you learn who in your general proximity might be connected to your networks.

“Prepare to be creeped out!”

– Amy Webb, moving on to the next tech trend: face and iris recognition.

Face.com: The most important API of 2011, according to Amy Webb

RT @kegill: You can predict SSN using Facebook profile data – we can link FB profile to pic of you. #scary Amy @WebbMedia#ona11 #techtrends
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Live visual note-taking of presentation by Todd Thomas.


Wacom shows it’s still in the game with Inkling.

Amy Webb calls Inkling a “game-changing tool for graphic designers.”

A friend negotiated personal gadget budget as part of raise, so could buy cool toys wo raising his taxes #ONA11 #techtrends
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Tell readers how long it’ll take them to read a story.

-Amy Webb

Booklamp: a Pandora for the reading world. Love. #ONA11 #techtrends
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TrendsMap aggregates tweets in real time. More from cNet.

Amy Webb will post all the notes from the session here.

She’s providing analysis and content from presentation.

Final visual board by Todd Thomas by @kegill

Final visual board by Todd Thomas by @kegill

Ugonna Okpalaoka provides an overview of the 10 Techier, Trendier Tech Trends session using @Storify.

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