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ONA11 » 2011 Online News Association Conference, Boston | 2011 Online News Association Conference, Boston

Session Updates


“Thank you the soldiers and their families for letting us into their homes and sharing their stories with us.”

-  winner, The Washington Post’s “Traumatic Brain Injury: Coming Home a Different Person


DorothyParvaz, Al Jazeera English, on their award for breaking news coverage of the uprisings in Egypt:

“Thank you for recognizing what is often unglamorous work.”

First award of the night:


 A Snow Storm Hits New York and WNYC Listeners Map the Cleanup- NYC Radio


With the economy faltering, diversity is taking a hit in newsrooms across the country, says Sam Diaz, an editor at ZDNet. Diaz gave some thoughts on diversity in online newsrooms after Saturday morning’s keynote panel discussion – Race, Gender and Technology: The Third Rail?

Kathryn Hurley talked to a packed room at the Fusion Tables session.

Fusion Tables: Fusing Data and Images Into Meaningful Stories

Google Fusion Tables can turn reams of data into a clean, interactive map faster than Rumpelstiltskin and his gold straw!

When the group started in Columbia, Missouri, they were very active on Facebook, Twitter, and created their own Tumblr. Initially, at ONA they asked questions about maintaining the national brand of the company, but decided that the best part of ONA Local groups were that they could create communities and personalities around themselves that best-fit their own coverage areas.

Ask media organizations in the area to host. If there are 3 TV stations in a city, 4 news radio stations, and 2 newspapers, there are 9 possible locations you could take advantage of.

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