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Kathy Gill

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I'm an educator, specializing in digital communication skills as well DM evolution, economics and innovation. I've been "doing the web" since Mosaic was born and bring a reader-centered approach to web projects. After two presidential election cycles covering U.S. politics for About.com, I was burned out; I now write about technology policy and sundry things for TheModerateVoice.com. Adjunct faculty at the University of Washington, Seattle. Available for speaking, training, short-term projects.

According to @MatthewWells, The Guardian live blogs have three times the number of return visitors.

@matthewwells IMPORTANT: essential to have developers in the newsroom with the journalists. this is the key #crowdsource#ona11
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Guardian’s @MatthewWells: Imp. for all crowdsource initiatives: give examples, be clear about goals & give examples #ona11 #crowdsource
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“If people ask you a question it is rude not to answer,” says @matthewwells about user questions in comments #ona11 #ona2000 #crowdsource
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Sarah Palin emails were a good crowd source experiment, “fell flat” as story. #ONA11 #crowdsource
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Guardian’s @MatthewWells re: crowdsourcing Palin emails – Important to 1) make it a game 2) show what was accomplished #ona11 #crowdsource
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The Guardian’s call for help researching the Sarah Palin emails.

#ona11 #crowdsource Guardian’s Wells: Parliamentary “expenses scandal” experience prepared them for Palin email crowdsourcing
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The “2,000 heads are better than one” session is underway!

  • Derrick Ashong, The Stream/Al Jazeera
  • Matt Wells, Guardian News and Media
  • Amanda Michel, ProPublica
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