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ONA11 » 2011 Online News Association Conference, Boston | 2011 Online News Association Conference, Boston

Latest Updates

Cindy Royal highlights her “If I were in charge” panel presentation on her blog, including her slides (on Slideshare).

Ugonna Okpalaoka provides an overview of the 10 Techier, Trendier Tech Trends session using @Storify.

Low Moments in Journalism Careers

Jessica Estepa Jessica Estepa went out for Thai Food with a couple friends one night, one of whom worked for a Congressman. During dinner, he began to tell Estepa a story about the congressman, but in the middle of the conversation stopped and said, “You know this can’t appear in your paper tomorrow, right?” Estepa [...]

“On Point” Radio Show Broadcasts Live From ONA 2011

NPR’s Tom Ashbrook broadcast his On Point talk show live from ONA Friday morning. Ashbrook and the show’s executive director Karen Shiffman talk about the concept and mechanics behind the show.

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